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Mackie’s Crisps Around the World

We are very proud to work with a number of global distribution partners so that our crisps can be enjoyed around the world. Our range is currently available in around 20 countries worldwide, and that number keeps on growing. See all the regions to which we supply Mackie’s Crisps on the map below.


Where have you #Spotted Mackie’s Crisps?

We get very excited when we see Mackie’s Crisps being enjoyed around the world! If you have a good photo of our crisps overseas it’d be great if you could email it to us at We’ll be sure to post the best photos on our Facebook and Twitter feeds with the #Spotted hashtag.

Are you interested in becoming a distributor for Mackie’s Crisps?

We’re always keen to find new markets for our crisps. If you are an importer or distributor in a country where Mackie’s Crisps are not yet available then we’d love to hear from you.

Trade Stockists