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Mackie's Popcorn Sundae

This Popcorn Sundae combines all the Mackie's of Scotland sweet treats to give you an indulgent dessert, perfect for when the sun's out!

Mackie's Popcorn Sundae


2 handfuls of Mackie’s Butterscotch Popcorn
2 large squares of good quality chocolate brownies (or even better, homemade!)
2 large scoops of Mackie's Traditional Ice Cream
1/2 jar of caramel sauce
50g melted Mackie’s Milk Chocolate
150ml whipped cream

You will need 2 sundae glasses or large wine glasses.

Break the chocolate brownie into bite size pieces and put into the glasses, followed by a scoop Mackie’s ice cream, spoon a generous serving of the caramel sauce over each of the glasses and top this off with whipped cream.

Finally, finish the sundae off with a sprinkling of Mackie’s Popcorn and a drizzle of Mackie’s Milk Chocolate to decorate.

Simple but scrumptious!


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