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Making Mackie’s Crisps

Mackie’s Crisps are made with naturally grown potatoes, cooked gently in High Oleic sunflower oil. We firmly believe that our unique process “from plough to pack” gives our crisps tasteable difference, which sets them apart from other potato crisps on the market.

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Mackie’s Crisps are made in Scotland with the best varieties of crisping potatoes.

We select potato varieties with a high dry matter and low levels of sugar, which help to deliver the best flavour, texture and colour for our crisps.

The Taylor family manage the growing of all our crisping potatoes. We also continuously invest in research into new varieties of crisping potatoes.

Following uplift from the fields our potatoes undergo a very careful selection process to ensure optimum size and quality.

They are then stored at precise temperatures to keep them fresh.

Before we can use the potatoes to make crisps we undertake size grading, stone separation and washing of the crop using top-of-the-range machinery. The potatoes are then thickly sliced and rinsed before cooking.

Here at Mackie’s Crisps we take great pride in our unique gentle cooking method, which ensures a great crunch, fresh potato taste and dry texture.

We use High Oleic Sunflower Oil because it has optimum composition and proven results for crisping; and we heat it very gently with thermal oil to keep it in good condition.

After cooking, we use specially designed equipment to add natural seasonings to our crisps.


Once our crisps have been seasoned we pack them immediately to seal in freshness.

After packing, our crisps are ready for despatch and will then be delivered from our Perthshire factory to customers all around the world!

…So there you have it Mackie’s Crisps “from plough to pack!”