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As an environmentally award winning business, we are committed to demonstrating good environmental stewardship in everything that we do. We are very lucky to be based in beautiful Perthshire countryside and it is our intention to operate a sustainable business dedicated to maintaining that beauty.

Land Use

Where potato growing is concerned, all prospective fields are subject to a site evaluation and discarded if there is any environmental concern about the effect of potato production in that area. We drive environmental responsibility and long term farming sustainability by encouraging growers to follow Integrated Farm Management (IFM) practices. Furthermore, we only work with growers who display similar commitment to environmental policies and ensure that they comply with appropriate environmental stewardship programmes like the LEAF Marque, Soil Association, Assured produce and Natures choice schemes.



All our energy use is monitored and best efforts are made to minimise the energy used. The horse power of tractors is matched to the equipment being used and where possible two jobs are undertaken at once - e.g. placement of fertilizer at the same time as planting. Works are scheduled to be done at times when the natural conditions from weather have most positive effect and minimize the horse power needed.



We ensure that resources are carefully recycled and re-used wherever possible. Waste water from our factory is fed through and sustainable drainage system and potato and crisps waste is used as livestock feed.



Our location in Perthshire is an ideal transport hub for serving Scotland and the rest of the UK. The Taylor family have their own transport company, Taylor transport, so we can ensure that vehicles are subject to regular maintenance and checks to meet or exceed regulations on exhaust emissions, and have been fitted with steering rear axles to minimize road wear and noise.