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(Not so much) Whisky Pairing 3: Sea Salt & Vinegar

Last updated: 2.55pm, Monday 16th May 2016 by

It's time for our third Whisky pairing of the month, and we're going with Sea Salt & Vinegar - a slightly controversial one this week!

This pairing was written by Martine Nouet, Editor of Whisky Magazine France and contributor to Whisky Magazine UK:

'The sourness of the vinegar makes this one difficult! I can’t really think of a style of whisky to meet that challenging flavour. A sweet Lowland single malt maybe such as Auchentoshan Classic (rich in vanilla notes) or a honeyed Speyside single malt. But honestly, these crisps are so particular that they make any matching with whisky “risky”. Beer will certainly give better results.'

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